Monday, June 19, 2006

Can't Eat (Without You)

Yes I must forget this evening
And those spaghetti and pasta
But I guess I'll have to some take time to digest all
I felt so full, my stomach looks like a balloon
Yes, it shows

No I must avoid temptations
I can't think of delicacies
When I should have said 'Enough, let's pay the bill'
And now it's only fair that I should lose some weight
I must eat less

I can't eat coz I am very stuffed up
I can't eat, i can't eat anymore
Can't eat, stop forcing me to eat more
Can't eat, I can't eat anymore

No I can't finish my serving
I just don't know why some restaurants
Only serve large dishes for so high a price
If I eat all, I'm just too full to stay awake
I must eat less


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