Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Try (Macy Gray - I Try)

Bugs, changes and fears
When will all these disappear
When will they stop
I believe that greed has brought us here
And we should be gone by now, babe
But we're not
I play if off, but I'm dreaming of breaks
I'll keep my cool, but I'm grieving

I try to change team but not allowed
Try to throw letter but I stumbled
Though I try to hide it, it's clear
I just 'cabut' when boss is not in
Fixed but can't compile
I try to hide my face and I stumble
Though I give excuses, it's clear
The build crumbles when I don't check in

I may appear to be free
But I'm just a prisoner of CRs
And I may seem all right and smile in meetings
But my smiles are just a front
Just a front, hey
Phone calls kept coming, I can't concentrate
I'll keep my cool, but coding suffers

I try to keep things tidy, but failed
Try to organise but still messy
Though I try to hide bugs, it's clear
The testers won't let go of me now
Update QC...hang!
I try to refresh browser but it crashed
Though I try to email, it's clear
If no signoff then no more project
Here is my release notes
May you approve and bless it
Yes, I need it signed
Or else I can't deploy
With all my might I try
But this I can't deny

I want to change, but I'm tired and drained
(but I'm dreaming of breaks, babe)
I'll keep on fighting, but I'm feigning

I try to check-in codes but got stuck
Try to redeploy, but got scolding
Though I raised DOD, it's clear
My change crumbles when build's rejected
(when build's rejected aahh)
Get put on the table
I try to walk away but got called back
Though I try to email, it's clear
My change crumbles when no EIDs


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