Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yoo-Hoo (Evening News)

Well in good times, bad times or ugly times
Wherever you are and whatever you do
A lot of projects running in the world today
Most of them far beyond our control you might say
Perhaps its time we took a pause
And thought about design patterns
And thought about the laws of Murphy
And security and efficiency
Don't touch that mouse
Just try and hear me out for a while

I said Yoo-Hoo
I've been stressed
I've been rushing for deadlines

I said Yoo-Hoo
It's so true
That I've been drained
I was on the losing side

You've been way too crazy
Now my codes are a mess
I think we only need one feature less

Could you click the button please?
Could you click the button?
That's right

You've been way too greedy
Now my codes are a mess
I think we only need one feature less
You've been way too rash
Now I'm a mess
I think we only need
I think we only

Break productive hours with stale news and lies
You've assumed and intoxicated
With what you think other people are thinking
You're talking the talk
But you ain't walking the walk man
One email, one broadcast
And you become the educator
Can I trust you with my own
Give me time to believe
Those with too much ego they tumble in history
Yea you might have us hanging onto your every breath
So be responsible
Learn to scope, define and be specific
Not to be ignorant
Not to oversell
A bunch of messy codes is so much harder to explore
And working on projects is about finishing what you have started
So code responsibly
Cos bugs always turn up when you don't expect

We'll be right back
After this

Well that's all the disk space we have
Thanks for documenting