Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Game Of Bugs (Game Of Love)

Tell me
Just what you want me to fix
One bug and you keep hounding me all day


So please tell me [why] you keep shooting emails again and again
I'm trying my [best] to keep defects low, but you never knew
It just takes a little bit of time
A little bit of care
To filter out the list
Before shooting back
A little bit of smile
A little bit of thanks
To show how much you care
In this cruel game of bugs

Now, I have to work on weekends
Lonely, the air is just too stuffy and hot
So please baby [try] and understand what I'm going through
It's not really hard to just face the facts, and accept the truth


It's all in the game of bugs
you 'shot' me
depise me
condemn me
please stop it
you bashed me
divide me
into what...

(YK's Guitar Solo)

So please tell me [why] don't you just give me more time to fix
Cause right now i'm wondering, what I'm fighting for? There's nowhere to run


it's all in this game of bugs
it's all in the game of bugs
in the game of bugs

scold me
condemn me
please stop it

a little bit of smile?
a little bit of thanks?